Parish Pulse


Roman Catholic Church of the
Sacred Heart
North Merrick, New York


The Pastoral Staff - Parish Center - 379-1356 Fax 379-1610

Rev. Thomas G. Gallagher Pastor 379-1356 Ext. 20
Sister Marie Danaher, OP Pastoral Associate 379-1356 Ext. 24
Sister Joan Nolan, OP Pastoral Associate 379-1356 Ext. 13
Sister Jo Ann Walsh, RSM Pastoral Associate 379-1356 Ext. 29
Sister Patricia Turley, CSJ Pastoral Associate 379-1356 Ext. 19
Sister Marjorie McGregor, OP Pastoral Associate 379-1356 Ext. 25
Sister Eileen Stephens, CSJ Business Manager 379-1356 Ext. 17
Mrs. Carol Guilfoyle Asst. Stewardship Coordinator 379-1356 Ext. 18
Sister Mary Morrin, CSJ Principal 378-5797
Mrs. Cecelia Lerro Director, Rel. Ed. 379-1356 Ext. 27
Mrs. Barbara Massaro Asst. Director, Rel. E 379-1356 Ext. 28
Religious Education Office (School)   868-9406
Youth Ministry   379-1356
Parish Outreach / Sister Patricia Turley   379-6123
Mr. Don Johnson Director, Music Ministry 379-1356 Ext. 12
Family, Marriage & Individual Therapy   379-1356
Elementary School   378-5797
Convent   623-4651
Mrs. Marie Faust Receptionist 379-1356 Ext. 10

Additional information and phone numbers for all Parish liturgical, service and social organizations may be found in the Parish Directory available at the Parish Center.

Parish Center Office Hours:
Monday thru Friday 9AM to 8PM; Saturday 9AM to 5PM; Sunday 9AM to 2PM








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